What is Crabtree Plus?

Crabtree Plus is a web-based resource that combines the high quality of Crabtree Publishing’s educational book series with dynamic digital content. Crabtree Plus includes engaging simulations and interactive activities that reinforce and extend core series concepts. Supporting the best practices for digital educational resources, animated characters provide support and guide learners through challenges. Embedded feedback, downloadable activities, and comprehensive Teachers’ Guides encourage classroom integration and independent learning.

How do I access Crabtree Plus content?

Go to the Crabtree Plus URL printed in the back of your book. Enter the Crabtree Plus Digital Code, also printed in the back of your book. Currently, the titles with printed URLs and codes are those in the two series Be an Engineer: Designing to Solve Problems and Catch a Wave.

Can Crabtree Plus be accessed anywhere?

Crabtree Plus can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection—including homes, schools, and libraries.

Can I use my device to access Crabtree Plus?

Any device that connects to the Internet using a modern web browser and supports video streaming can be used to access Crabtree Plus, such as Chrome Books, iPads, tablets, PCs, and Macintosh.

What features for students and other learners can be found on Crabtree Plus?

For students and other learners, Crabtree Plus features a range of interactive digital resources, as well as downloadable PDF activities, that reinforce and extend learning of core concepts introduced in series titles. Dynamic, engaging animations reinforce core concepts in an entertaining way, as characters Finn and Ava invite learners into the Student Discovery Lab. Interactive games let learners use their knowledge to experiment and solve challenges. Downloadable activities help them extend their learning independently. Crabtree Plus also features full access to series eBooks through the site. Clear navigation tabs at the top of the screens offer easy use and content access for students and learners.

What features for teachers can be found on Crabtree Plus?

In addition to the digital content and full eBook access, Crabtree Plus provides teachers with downloadable Teachers’ Guides. Each guide, embedded in the website under the Teacher Resources tab at the bottom of the screen, includes comprehensive lesson plans aligned to curriculum standards and compatible with both the series and digital resources. Guides also include curriculum correlations and reproducible worksheets to integrate books and digital content into the classroom.

How is Crabtree Plus content monitored?

All content on the Crabtree Plus webpages has been carefully reviewed and edited for accuracy. Links to other Crabtree video content are provided at the end of animation videos. While Crabtree Publishing endeavors to remain current with the content of these links, their information may be changed constantly. If users continue to navigate away from the Crabtree Plus webpage, they may encounter content that is unsuitable for children. The content and privacy policies of these sites are beyond the control of Crabtree Publishing.

Why is my video or game taking a very long time to load or having trouble playing?

Make sure you are using the most recent version of your browser. You may need to update your system to the latest version. Please check with your IT department.

Why am I having trouble downloading PDF-versions of activities or Teachers’ Guides?

Check your browser’s privacy settings to ensure that you are able to download files hosted on websites. Some browsers are set to save PDFs in a temporary location, which may be hard to locate. To view the PDFs, change your browser’s “Download” settings or identify the folder to which your browser saves documents. It may be called “Downloads” in your “My Documents” folder.

What are the system requirements to access and use Crabtree Plus digital resources?

An Internet connection and modern browsers: Safari 7 or newer, Android Chrome 38 or newer, Firefox 40 or newer, Internet Explorer 9 or newer, Chrome 38 or newer. This site must have cookies enabled in order to maintain your “logged in” status. Cookie settings are usually found in the privacy settings of your browser. No personally identifiable information is stored or transferred by any cookies set by this site.